Sharing the Power of Raw

Sharing the Power of Raw

Welcome to the world of raw feeding! As pet owners, we're constantly seeking the best ways to ensure the health and happiness of our furry companions. In recent years, the concept of feeding dogs a raw diet has gained significant traction, with proponents citing numerous benefits.

Raw pet diets consist of feeding your pets a combination of raw meat, bones, fruits, and vegetables. Advocates of raw feeding argue that this diet closely mirrors what animals would consume in the wild, aligning with their evolutionary needs and providing a plethora of benefits. Proponents claim that raw food promotes better digestion, supports dental health by naturally cleaning teeth and preventing tartar buildup, enhances coat quality, boosts energy levels, and may alleviate certain health issues such as allergies and joint problems.

Raw food can feel intimidating to get into as it may not be what you’re used to feeding your pet. Kibble has been the most popular choice for pet food since the 1960s, so it’s understandable why people may be hesitant to make the switch to raw. Raw food comes in all shapes and sizes. Petland offers options that are already prepared, so all you have to do is thaw it and feed it to your dog (the same way you would feed them a bowl of kibble!). Some varieties of this pre-mixed diet include frozen raw meals, freeze-dried raw meals, raw + kibble mixes, and raw food toppers. They also come in lots of different proteins, so it’s a great option for picky pets and pets who may need a limited ingredient diet due to allergies or other needs.

Frozen Raw Meals

Frozen raw pet food offers a convenient and nutritionally dense option for pet owners seeking to provide their furry companions with a natural and balanced diet. By freezing raw ingredients at peak freshness, this method preserves essential nutrients and flavours without the need for artificial preservatives. Frozen raw pet food typically consists of high-quality proteins, fruits, vegetables, and added vitamins and minerals to ensure a complete and balanced meal. The freezing process also helps to eliminate harmful bacteria, making it a safer option compared to feeding raw meat alone. Additionally, many pet owners appreciate the convenience of pre-portioned servings, easy storage, and the peace of mind that comes with knowing their pets are consuming a diet that closely resembles what they would eat in the wild. Whether you're looking to address specific health concerns or simply provide your pet with a wholesome and delicious meal, frozen raw pet food can be an excellent choice for pets of all ages and breeds.

Instinct offers frozen raw meals in bite-sized piece varieties, as well as frozen patties. The bite-sized pieces are great for smaller dogs, to use as a food topper, or just convenient as they thaw within 5-15 minutes. The patties are great for larger dogs or multi-dog households. Patties take longer to thaw (around 4-6 hours), so it is important to take that into consideration. It’s also important to remember to discard any uneaten thawed food after 30 minutes as it can spoil. At Petland, we carry both varieties of Instinct’s raw food in our stores, so head to our freezer section to check them out!

Freeze Dried Raw Meals

Freeze-dried dog food is a convenient and increasingly popular alternative to traditional kibble or raw feeding. This process involves freezing raw ingredients and then subjecting them to low pressure, which removes moisture without applying heat, preserving the nutritional integrity and flavour of the food. The resulting product is lightweight, shelf-stable, and easy to store, making it an excellent option for pet owners looking for a convenient yet nutritionally dense diet for their pets. Freeze-dried pet food often contains a mix of high-quality proteins, fruits, vegetables, and sometimes added vitamins and minerals to ensure a balanced diet. It’s common to find freeze-dried foods on their own but also offered as food toppers or mixers. Instinct offers multiple varieties for both dogs and cats in this category, and you can find them here.

In conclusion, feeding your pets a raw diet can be a rewarding and beneficial choice for their overall health and well-being. From improved digestion to enhanced dental health, shinier coats, and increased energy levels, the potential benefits are numerous. If you are feeling hesitant on making the big switch from kibble to a raw diet, it may be worthwhile to try a freeze-dried topper option on top of your pet’s current kibble as that will introduce raw without diving into the deep end.




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