How Petland Finds the Best Products for your Pets

How Petland Finds the Best Products for your Pets

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At Petland, we have an experienced team of dedicated pet people finding the best products suited towards Canadian pet owners and their pets. These people really go ‘Hands-on’ with regards to identifying our customers and their pets’ needs. We have enthusiastic specialists in each category of pet (dogs, cats, birds, aquarium fish and plants, small pet animals, reptiles, amphibians, and spiders). Their responsibility includes research in the ever-changing understanding of how to best take care of your pet. 

We are pet owners too and are dedicated to enhancing your enjoyment in the human animal bond.

Identifying “What is Needed?”

We first have to identify what you and your pet needs to share a happy and healthy relationship.

Through our years of experience in talking to our guests and customers, and the combined research and knowledge sharing of our pet counsellors, we have developed a basic list of requirements specific to each pet. We call these our Pet Tips. They are available on-line right here and in printed format at every one of our stores. These basic needs are necessary to maintain the health of your pet and a healthy relationship between you and your pet. Our product specialists refer to these basic needs as a starting point in searching for the best products for you and your pet.

Sourcing the Best Products from Reliable Suppliers

Pet owners who research products online are only getting a snapshot of the available products (typically those with the best SEO results). Our purchasing specialists use the internet as one of the tools to researching products. They are meeting with pet breeders, aquarium hobbyists, product manufacturers and leaders in their respective fields, to find new and innovative products and ideas – many of which aren’t on the internet yet. The best ways to discover new trends in pet care is meting suppliers in person several times a year, by attending pet trade shows all over the world, and seeing first hand the newest innovations. This also allows us to negotiate the best prices - by collaborating with the supplier on product selection we can select the most economical and ecological methods of transporting the products to our stores. The reliability of the supplier is paramount to any product selection decision. Manufacturers and suppliers have to be able to provide good quality products on-time and on a regular basis. If we cannot ensure our customers we will have it available when they need it, we won’t carry it in our stores.

As an example, let’s take you on a little journey we recently went on when finding a new hay supplier.

One of our suppliers of small animal hay was experiencing some inventory challenges supplying Petland with all of our packaged hay needs. Their product was top-notch but having shortages was not an option for us as hay is a critical nutritional need for our herbivore pets (rabbits, etc.). Finding a new long-term consistent supplier became a high priority in Petland. After much research and discussions we were excited to commit to a new partnership with a family from Oregon and collaboratively developed a new line of small animal hays with Blue Mountain Hay.

This process of locating, ordering, packaging and delivery is a testament to our dedication and commitment to enhancing the lives of pets.

Product Testing and Quality Control

Our Pet Specialists call product testing the fun part and testing new ideas and products is fun! The final stage of product selection is our chance to experience each product in a real life setting together with each other and with our pets. Our pet specialists are shipped product samples in their shelf packaging for on hand testing and quality assessment. Often their own pets help make the decisions for us! They have a detailed list for product requirements which include:

- ease of assembly and accessible assembly instructions,

- proper and accurate product descriptions,

- accurate details on attractive packaging,

- high value for spend,

- exceeds health and safety standards including Health Canada and CSA regulations.

For each pet there are many qualifications for products specific to their needs. As each pet is different we call on the expertise of our pet specialists most familiar with that pet to evaluate the product.

Listening to Our Customers

After we have spent the time researching and testing our product selections, every product has to meet the toughest requirement of all: satisfying our customers. We appreciate all customer feedback. Recommendations, and requests. Walk-in to your local Petland store and make requests for products you have seen or heard of and our team will check them out. If a product fails to meet your needs discuss it with our Pet Counsellors and they will try to assist you in finding a better product more suited to your specific needs.

Our end goal in product selection is to have reliable, good value products in our stores, and to make each customer as happy as a dog going for a walk on a sunny day!




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