Are Chinchillas the right pet for you?

Are Chinchillas the right pet for you?

Do you love small furry critters?

Than Chinchillas might be the pet for you! Like other pet rodents, chinchillas are small, cute and cuddly, and great family pets! These little furballs are very soft and smell very fresh, as they clean themselves quite frequently. Their cages do not have much of a smell, and they are easy to clean up after. Chinchillas can have a long lifespan and can live in groups or alone, but discuss these options with a pet counsellor. They also have the densest fur out of all land mammals! All of these factors combine into a very cute and snuggly pet who loves dust baths and being held! Chinchillas are a great uniue pet for unique families.

Check out your local Petland and meet your match!

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