ClubPet Terms and Conditions

ClubPet Membership Terms and Conditions

  1. By using your Petland ClubPet card you agree to abide by the terms and conditions of the Petland ClubPet program.
  2. Your Petland ClubPet card is not transferrable and is issued to an individual for their use.
  3. Petland ClubPet members must be 18 years of age or older.
  4. Your Petland ClubPet card may be used at all participating Petland Locations, however ClubPet programs and benefits may vary from location to location.
  5. Your Petland ClubPet card must be present at the time of transaction to receive ClubPet benefits or specials. Some participating locations are able to use your phone number or name as an alternative to your ClubPet card.
  6. Your Petland ClubPet card may not be used in conjunction with any other specials, offers or discounts.
  7. Participating outlets may be added or deleted in the future. Please check with your local Petland to confirm participation.
  8. Petland ClubPet members may be offered special product deals by Petland by email campaigns. These deals may vary at participating Petland locations.
  9. Members are responsible for advising changes to their preferences and contact details by contacting their local Petland location or by emailing Petland Canada at
  10. To replace a lost or stolen card please visit your local Petland or contact Petland Canada by email at or by phone at 1-866-542-3030.
  11. Petland at its sole discretion reserves the right to terminate a Petland ClubPet card for any reason they deem fit.
  12. Petland may make changes at any time without prior notice to members, to the terms and conditions and benefits of the program.
  13. Petland may collect information about members including information contained in the application form and information related to transactions which will be held in the membership data base. The membership data base contains member information such as name, email, address, telephone number, and postal code.
  14. Petland ClubPet program benefits and frequent buyer programs are specific to the Petland Franchise location in which your purchase was made and may not necessarily be transferable between Petland locations.
  15. For more information concerning Petlands privacy policy please click here.