Aquarium FAQ

Where should the aquarium be located in a home or office?

The aquarium should be located where there is no direct sunlight from a window or skylight. Having an aquarium in direct sunlight causes unsightly algae growth.

How often does maintenance need to be performed on an aquarium?

If you want your aquarium always looking great, weekly maintenance is suggested with simply an algae scrub and a small water change. That being said, many people choose to have their aquariums maintained every two weeks.

How often does the filter need in to be cleaned?

Filters, depending on the amount of fish in the aquarium, should be cleaned thoroughly once per month. At that time, the chemical filtration media should be replaced along with any micro filtration media.

What is the best size of aquarium to have?

Always remember the bigger the aquarium, the less likely something will go wrong with it. So, the bigger the better. You can have a wider variety of fish and decor in a larger aquarium and there is a better chance the water quality will stay more stable.

What type of maintenance programs do you offer?

Petland Aquarium Services offers weekly, bi-weekly or monthly aquarium servicing programs; each one individualized to meet your needs. There are morning, afternoon or evening time slots available and weekends upon your request.

What services are performed during each maintenance visit?

Typically, on the first visit, the aquarium will go through a complete overhaul which includes a water quality test, water change, gravel vacuum, algae scrub, hard water deposit removal, filter clean with old media changed out and all decor cleaned or replaced. As regular maintenance is done, a complete overhaul will happen every few months with the filter media being changed monthly. Gravel vacuuming along with algae scrubbing is performed during each visit. We always make sure the client is happy. Guest satisfaction is our first priority!

How long should the aquarium light be left on for?

The light on the aquarium should be left on between 8–10 hours per day. The best way to regulate the amount of light is to simply install a timer... which is a service we provide. Never leave the light on 24 hours a day, as it will cause vast amounts of algae to grow... and fish need time to sleep too. 

What is the proper temperature for a tropical freshwater aquarium?

The best temperature is between 24–27°C (76–80°F) for your basic aquarium. A few more advanced species need to be kept at different temperatures. Interestingly, goldfish, koi and pond fish do not need to be kept in heated water, as they have the ability to withstand freezing water and temperatures.