Parties & Presentation Services

Birthday Parties, Store Tours and School Presentations

Where are your in-store party locations?

We are currently able to host at home and in-store parties in our stores with event rooms in Calgary, including our Crowfoot, Shawnessy and Deerfoot locations. 

How much do in-store and home parties cost?

Prices vary depending on the number and age of the children, along with the number of adults. Please contact us @ 1-844-761-3982 for more information on our party packages.

Is there a limit to how many kids can come?

Currently the parties are limited to 10 children and 2 adults.

How long are parties?

With all of our parties, we offer a one-hour interactive session with the pets and an additional hour for food, drinks gift opening in our event room.

How far in advance do you have to book?

It’s recommended that you book a minimum of two - three weeks in advance in order for us to have the best opportunity to accommodate your requested dates and times.

Petland Parties & Presentation Services Help : 1-844-761-3982