The Franchise Opportunity For You

When you are granted a Petland franchise license, you get more than a sign on the door. Petland is more than just a name. From the initial financing package you present to your bank, to the quarterly specials and private-label products Petland provides, Petland works with its strategic partners to make their work easier, their customers happier, and their potential profits higher. And to help ensure your store’s success, Petland offers such special services as site location and lease negotiation, design and construction, financial services, training, advertising and direct mail, private labeling, an extensive distribution network and field operations support and communications.

Whatever your needs, Petland is right there with you, from helping in selecting your site, to helping maintain traffic flow long past the opening of your store.

Investing In Your Future

Financing Your Petland Store. The cost of developing your Petland franchise varies with the size of your store. Depending on your available credit and collateral, you can finance up to 75 percent of the development cost of your franchise. Petland will assist you in developing a business plan. Then we will help you in choosing the right lending institution.

Selecting Your Site

Petland will assist you in evaluating your market demographics. Determining traffic patterns, population, and development trends are critical to the site location and lease negotiation process. Petland will make a careful analysis of the market to determine if there is adequate population in the area to support your business plan. The site location is a joint effort. The location must be approved by you and Petland. Once a location has met our mutual criteria, we will conduct lease negotiation for you. As an established company with a name that is trusted in the pet business, Petland can assist you in negotiating the best space available at the best terms.

Designing Your Petland Store

Petland stores are designed to make customer service and pet care efficient and productive. Petland stores range in size from 1,200 to 22,000 square feet, largely determined by specific market factors and strategic partner budget. Regardless of store size, Petland designers will utilize the space to take advantage of existing conditions. Our goal, to keep costs in line while developing a Petland store that will make the most of the market’s opportunities. Petland custom fixtures are state-of-the-art in function and design. Each of the kennel, bird, small animal, reptile, and tropical fish units are a product of more than 35 years of scrutiny by Petland strategic partners. Fixtures are designed to meet the needs of the animals to be housed, and the Petland associates who will care for them... while giving maximum consideration to proper merchandising so all pets are presented from their best vantage point.

The Need For Pets

Recognition of the value of pet ownership grows every day. According to the 2003-2004 American Pet Product Manufacturers Association (APPMA), more than 62 percent of U.S. households have one or more pets; 65 million households have dogs; over 77.7 million have cats; over 18.5 million have tropical fish; 17.3 million have birds; and 16.8 million have small animals as pets. A pet is more than just an animal. A pet can be a child’s best friend, a beloved member of the family, or a companion to prevent a lonely life.

Scientific studies conducted by the University of Pennsylvania Center for Interaction of Animals and Society have shown that aquarium watching is linked to a more relaxed state of mind, and even lowered blood pressure. And in a study conducted by UCLA, elderly people who owned pets made fewer doctor visits than those without pets. The need for pets and pet care is clear, and Petland wants to fill that need responsibly and professionally.

Petland stores offer tropical and marine fish, domestically bred pet birds, small animals, reptiles, puppies, kittens and the best foods and accessories on the market to care for them. Because the Petland Operating System has more than 35 years of experience in specialty pet retail operations and in handling millions of transactions with all types of customers, Petland knows what pet owners need.

People shop pet stores where they can find answers to their pet questions, where they know their pet will receive special attention. And customer service at a Petland store is very different from the service you may have experienced in most retail stores. That’s because Petland Pet Counselors are trained to ask questions of customers to determine what their pet eats, how their pet is housed, how their pet’s behavior is managed, and what kind of equipment is used to make pet care easier and more effective.

Delivering Quality Pet Products

From an expert team of merchandisers who will price and place your merchandise on the shelves in preparation for your grand opening, Petland will assist you with the best merchandising plan for your store.

Petland offers more than 600 private-label items which give you the advantage of selling pet accessories that are exclusive to Petland. Unlike the trend of many industries to private-label lower-caliber products, Petland private labels are the highest quality products around, thus assuring customer satisfaction with the Petland name.

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