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Pet Calm Remedy (formerly called Pet Stress)

 SAFE & EFFECTIVE Pure flower energy with all natural ingredients

  • AS CONDITIONS IMPROVE use less and less drops. Deep long standing chronic issues require using the drops for 2 - 3 months for solid improvement. Essences balance energy reducing anxiety, improving behaviours and enhancing the well being and health of pets. Flower essences can not be overused or overdosed
  • EASY TO USE Add water based drops to pets water or food. Topical application: Put a few drops in your hand and massage around the head and ears, or dab on the paw pads. An animal who is panicked or aggressive will calm down after being gently misted - put 10 drops into a clean spray bottle filled with 1 cup water. It is not the dosage amount that is important but rather the frequency of doses. Essences can bring an immediate dramatic change in acute cases of trauma
  • NON-DROWSY AND NON-HABIT FORMING Helps promote calm balanced behaviours. Targeted to reduce your pet's stress. Our furry family members are sensitive to our stresses and anxieties. For separation anxiety, obsessive chewing and barking, vet visits, car rides, thunder storms, quarantine, etc
  • WATER BASED INFUSION OF FLOWERS Pure and healthful. No chemicals no drugs no toxins no oil no scents or flavors. All physical disease has a deep energetic component and energy flower essences can be used to help in the resolution and aid the animal's recovery

 15 ml

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