Fluker's Freeze Dried Grasshoppers

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Fluker's 100% Freeze-Dried Crickets (Acheta domestica) are first gut-loaded with Fluker's High-Calcium Cricket Diet, then freeze-dried to maintain the maximum nutritional value and taste your pet needs. Fluker's realizes the importance of diversifying your pet fish's, reptile's, or bird's diet to increase the overall nutritional quality of their diet and reduce the likelihood of developing a life-threatening nutritional disease. Fluker's Freeze-Dried Crickets can be used in combination with other Fluker's freeze-dried products to provide your pet with natural prey items without the mess and expense of live prey items.


Feed 2-5 crickets per meal, depending on size and species. For smaller fish and reptiles, break crickets into small pieces. Freeze-Dried Crickets should be offered with other food items appropriate for your pet to diversify its diet and reduce the likelihood of nutritional disease. Ask your pet professional for assistance with developing a complete and balanced diet for your pet fish, amphibian, or reptile. For helpful tips to convert your reptile from live to freeze-dried food, visit www.flukerfarms.com.

Store in a cool, dry place. 


  • Crude Protein (not less than)     50.1%
  • Crude Fat (not less than)            4.8%
  • Crude Fiber (not more than)        2.8%
  • Moisture (not more than)            8.9%
  • Calcium (not less than)              .15%

Recommended for:  Bearded Dragons, Blue Tongue Skinks, Monitors, Box Turtles, Aquatic Turtles and Tegus.  

Also good for birds and hedgehogs.

1.2 oz. jar

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