Petstages ORKA Dental Triple Links
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Combines the floppy feel with durability in a great tug toy. Dental benefits are a plus as textures massage gums and the rope link helps remove soft tartar as dogs chew. Solid construction in rings adds durability. Multiple textures help keep dog s interest.

Rules for Tug of War:

When played by the rules, Tug of War can be a fun and natural outlet for energy and provide great exercise for your dog. Use the following guidelines when playing tug with your pet:

Never play tug with a dog that shows any aggression
Use only one toy for Tug of War and keep it out of reach from your dog unless you are playing with him. This will help to prevent your dog from becoming possessive of the tug toy.
The owner must always initiate the game of tug
Teach your dog to release the toy on command by using command such as drop it or give then give a treat reward to reinforce the release behavior
Failing to release the toy stops the game. Do not chase your dog for the toy. Ignore the dog, and do not play tug again until some time has passed, and you can once again initiate a new game of tug.
Enforce the rule that your dog or puppy's mouth must stay on his side of the tug. Any contact between his mouth and your hand should end the game.
Do not lift your dog off the ground or dangle him using the tug. This can result in injury.
Children who can not enforce these rules should NOT play tug with a dog at any time, and all children should be supervised at all times when playing tug with a dog

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