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Magic Litter 4 lbs.

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MAGIC LITTER eliminates odors fast before they start! No tracking & Dust free!

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Magic Litter 4 lbs.

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MAGIC LITTER saves you the trouble of changing the entire litter box every week!  MAGIC LITTER can keep fresh, clean and odor free for one month (For more than one cat, they recomment shorting the usage cycle to less than one month.

  • Strong Absorption:  Strong absorption of urine, keeping your litter box dry and fresh, discouraging the development of bacteria.

  • No urine clumps:  MAGIC LITTER saves you the trouble of removing urine clumps everyday!  MAGIC LITTER granules have millions of tiny micro-pores which absorb liquid and odors so fast and completely that they don't form clumps like ordinary cat litter.

  • No Tracking:  Due to the unique size and shape of MAGIC LITTER granules, it does not stick to cat's paws and help to keep litter from scattering or tracking outside the litter box.

  • Low Dust:  Low dust for a clean and hygienic environment.

  • MAGIC LITTER is made from silica sand.  When absorbing liquid waste, it may produce a soft popping and hissing sound, which is harmless to your cat.

  • It is natural for the granules to change colour, it is an indication that the silica gel is doing its job absorbing odors.

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Magic Litter 4 lbs.

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